STORYTELLING: How to tell a story!!

Yo guys, this is Abhishek and lets learn how to tell a story.

Storytelling is by far the most unique and underrated skill in life.

Before beginning with an ‘in depth’ concept, I want you to answer the following questions.

Q. What are the three best times when you told a story?

Q. What are the three times in the last month you told a story?

Q. What are the three stories that you really like?

Q. What does it mean to you to be an amazing storyteller?

What is a Story?

Character, Goal and Difficulties faced by him in pursuing a goal.

Mind that good stories has a desired effect. No one is interested in bad stories as they lack conflict, drama and conclusion.

Well, unlike most important things in life, storytelling has a concrete formula.

Step by Step formula to tell a story:

1. A hero is introduced to the world.

2. He wants to achieve a goal and is having trouble in achieving it.

3. An exciting problem is brought into light.

4. The reluctant hero is introduced to a new world of adventure.

5. He faces a series of trials.

6. Enemies are introduced.

7. Temporary victories are achieved.

8. The goal is almost achieved but just before the finish line, dark forces win over.

9. The hero hits the rock-bottom and is reborn.

10. He defeats the enemies and wins.

11. He comes back and shares the story.

So now you know the eleven-step formula. You don’t need to cram it. We will use a different approach here.

One needs to develop a skill to tell great stories as they are fabric to great life. You need to share stories and conclude with higher status.

So here’s the process to make your stories great.

  1. Hook. While talking to someone just introduce something like ‘I remember’,’Do you remember that man’ etc.
  2. Create a Situation
  3. Action. What was the action that led to the solution.
  4. Point/Lesson. For example: This thing made me realise that-
  5. Open loop. Here’s an interesting part. Create an open loop where you leave the listener guessing what’s going to happen next.

Some Key Boosters

  • Embedded information: Put some information in your story
  • Open loops (I love this): Go in a direction, suddenly move out of it and then come back)
  • Delivery (Depends on your vocal tonality): How much can you make it interesting.
  • Development of a character.
  • Tensions/Conflicts from within the hero’s party.

So let’s move to the kind of stories you should not share.

  • The ones that invoke a negative emotion like sadness, fear or guilt.
  • Hurtful stories

Challenge yourself to make a story in every conversation!

You should have short, medium and longer versions of each story.

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Types of stories that you can share

  1. Vision story (It lets the listener know where you are going in life.)
  2. Courage story
  3. ‘Why’ story(Eg. Why I am so excited every morning I wake up, Why I do this,etc)
  4. Fun revealing stories (Eg. When I was a kid, this happened)
  5. ‘Don’t postpone joy’ story.
  6. ‘You can do this’ story
  7. ‘Fuck the comfort zone’ story
  8. Make the listener persist you (Eg. Using statements like ‘No you don’t wanna hear this story, please no haha’)
  9. Make your own story now!

More key points for great storytellers

  1. Share stories from legends because they have more impact and credibility.
  2. Reveal something damaging about you but conclude with an idea that greatness still exists.
  3. Make a frame and then introduce a character.
  4. Command your tonality.
  5. Whisper some important points.
  6. Eye contact is must, buddy!
  7. STOP, PAUSE and ASK, “Have you ever felt that?”
  8. Hook lines (Eg. Promise me that you aren’t going to tell this to anyone)
  9. Using stories to plant seeds for your thoughts
  10. Body language should be dominant, relaxed and of a higher status.
  11. Your story should entertain you more then anyone else.
  12. Don’t laugh but smirk.
  13. Hype it emotionally.
  14. Use future projections like ” I always wanted to”.

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Now you know how to tell a story. Lets see what you can do to be a remarkable storyteller.

A few steps forward:

  • Switch to a person who tells lot of stories.
  • Presentation: Practice. Keep a journal about good stories
  • Surround yourself with people who are great storytellers.
  • Read some good books.

So, by now you have a deep insight of how to tell good stories.

This is Pendulum. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Do let me know in the comments ‘What’s your story’



    1. Thank you Barbara, we appreciate that you took time out of your busy schedule to read our post and we will be posting such great content in future too😊


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