DoT13 Formula: Characteristics of an Alpha

To compare yourself is to kill yourself!!

Hey everyone, hope you all are fine. Here in this article I want to share with you the points or methods that will help you to be an alpha. These points are totally based on the case study of Donald Trump. So without any further introduction lets begin with the points:

  1. Say what you want to say. Do not think what others will think about you.
  2. Brag about yourself. Now don’t take me wrong in this. You need to do this but in a right manner. Ex. Tell him/her how people were talking about you. Then disown it by saying, “Well who cares”. This gives social proof and presentation. Say about your success. Ex. “I don’t say to brag about myself or to show off but it’s what they need to know, we need people who have done it before”. For a conversation with your date(girl) you can say “I could tell you about all the different girls that I had meaningful connections with over the last few months but yup I am not telling you to brag. It’s to let you know that truthfully a lot of girls out there are simply not getting what they want. When they meet a guy they should be saying “This is the kind of guy I was looking for” but they simply don’t get such men”.
  3. Do not prepare anything for speech or anything like it. Speak it on moment. It shows you passion.
  4. Start your discussion with preframe, “All smart people know this”,”Obviously,everyone knows”,”Everyone knows this”,etc.
  5. Always validate people in audience or a group. Compliment them in a group of people.
  6. Be the ultimate planner. Be showcase. An alpha does 3-4 things simultaneously. I remember, once in New York Donald Trump attended the opening ceremony of three important monuments
  7. Only you know what challenges you have faced, so never compare yourself. The only thing you know about other person is tip of an iceberg. Compete with your own potential.
  8. Complement followed by mild criticism, “You did a great job, but there’s a thing you can do better but overall great job”. They will feel motivated and work more.
  9. If someone is not up to mark challenge them by saying,“Department is not doing well, its not your fault, it’s mine that I overestimated your capabilities. I generally do this as I expect people to rise, I want to give you one more chance. Are you capable of it?”. No way they are going to say ‘no’.
  10. Always remember,“Make Friends like you are hiring, hire people like you are making friends”. Four keys while hiring people: 1. Outstanding personality 2. Brains plus liability 3. Creativity 4. Loyalty & Trust.
  11. Believe in your own frame. You don’t need to agree with people if you don’t want. Just say “Yeah that’s fine. that’s what you guys think, here”s my belief”.
  12. Every morning read something for 20 minutes and put your views on it on the basis of your life and experience.
  13. “My commitment to excellence is thorough”. People will say that you don’t need to be hard working and all stupid stuff but once you reach the top this thing changes to admiration but yes the will still say that it’s miracle or you are just lucky.

You can implement these points in daily life. Also you can do analysis on the personality of some alpha people. Be the top 1% people of the world. Here are some people whom I consider to be alphas-

Dan Lok, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Julien Blanc, Maxmilion Berger, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Roger Federer.


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