Make Her Chase You

Yo, wassup guys this is Antonio from Success Toaster. This post is solely for guys who have girlfriend or are trying to have girlfriend. Many people face this problem on daily basis that you are trying to make yourself more interesting so that your girl is attracted towards you more. But you might be unsuccessful. Success Toaster to the rescue. Follow these points and Make her chase you.

  1. Learn to say ‘No’: Yes really this word can turn tables. Girls love boys who have boundaries. Infact they will test you to see if he you are a high esteem person(which she is looking for). This shows that how much a boy loves himself and at same time giving her space by not becoming her friend-zoned boy who takes her shopping.
  2. Proper use of ‘Nevermind’ like words: Say like “Do you know that….”(silence with excitement on face)…then say “nevermind.”. It will work alot to become center of conversation as it sets open loops. It makes her chase you.
  3. Use of words like ‘Only if’: Make it little funny. Offer something like “You can have my notebook” and say “only if………”. This shows you have personal boundaries that need to be respected. This will make her comply with your standards.
  4. Self Depreciation: Look man you are a high value person, don’t try to seduce her. This will surprise the girl that why he is not trying to flirt?…..Let her try to make it cool.. but don’t over do it. Just make conversation busy with your funny stories.

Hope this helps you out. Make it Fun and carefree, always remember

Either there is abundance or nothing!!

So go out and have good time with new girls. You will love this decision. Best of luck mate.



  1. Well, I read this despite being female…😁 I predated my husband 37 years ago and none of that advice would have worked had he not succumbed to me. His intellect, looks and fab sense of humor sealed the deal.


    1. hi chattykerry, i appreciate that you took time to read the post. As I have coached lot of people about dating this was the conclusion I came too. But every person is different and interesting in it’s own manner. That makes life really exciting☺

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  2. I read this and it made me smile…I have been married since 1980 and some of your advice my other half employed…It worked! It is also still a topic of conversation at times…haha..I have always been in charge 🙂

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