9 things i wish i had known before i started Entrepreneurship

Yo wassup guys, hope you all are doing fine. This topic is particularly for entrepreneurs, businessmen or those who want to build up business. Back then when I was in University there are lot of things I wish I knew but jotting them these are the nine things

1. Take up a moment to stop and analyze.
It is solely you who did that. Wherever you it is totally your fault. If you will think passively that life happens to me then you will not be able to counter it. Mind that the poorest countries in the world are the most religious countries. I am not saying religion is bad. But they totally depend on God and have no control over there life. If you have the same belief you will be internally screwed.You are the driver of your own car!!                                 

2. Business is all about solving problems.
People make it so complicated. You don’t need ideas in shower. Look for problems faced by people. Go out and talk to group of people. Ask them what are they worrying about. What are the things that are undone. Find the problem that is faced by large number of people and solve it. When value is created, people pay you money. Remember Biggest people solve biggest problems.

3. If you want to start a business you don’t need to got University.
If you are unsure and do not know what to do then University is good option. If you are University and you got war map for your business quit University.

4. Starting a business while working in 9-5 job is really difficult.
You need to quit it or you will be stuck in your mind and won’t be able to do deep work. It matters alot when you go full on for something.

5. Lions don’t care about the comments from sheep.
You are conditioned in society to care about other people what they think. When you start a business people will say stuff about you that it’s not going to work and all that. You turn to different type of person when you become entrepreneur. Don’t care what other civilians think about you. Yeah it takes time to adjust. Don’t fight there opinion. Do not defend your opinion or otherwise you will look weak. Best revenge is to win!!

6. When you first start a business, cash flow should be your first priority.
Then afterwards you should think about business which is long term. You need to survive that short term when you are first introduced to this field. If you will not think about cash flow, you will soon run out of money. Survival is short term first priority!!

7. Whenever you are lost and confused focus on customer, what does he need.
Everything will follow. Try to understand the problem of the customer better and how can you give them more value.

8. If you buys things you don’t need, you will have to sell things that you need!!
I have seen people when they start earning money, they start buying lot of toys. This happens to most people. They start buying this useless shit they don’t need. They start choking there business for the things they don’y need. Billionaires don’t buy fancy stuff, they don’t drive fancy cars.

9. Focus is Superpower!!
You should learn to keep main thing the main thing. Keep making it better. It’s kind of a superpower that is getting rarer. You need to throw trophies of the past.

So these are 9 things. Hope they help you. Do not do silly mistakes. Always remember

You have to do the things you don’t want to do, to do the things you want to do!!

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  1. Good advice. I was a little put off by your comment about God. Human beings are, I believe, dependent on God for their very existence. But I agree wholeheartedly that we cannot simply wait for God to drop success in our laps. He gave us intelligence, talents, and resources for a reason. There is, in fact, a parable warning that God is displeased if we bury our talents. ❤

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