How to Get a Girlfriend

Hey everyone, welcome to some dating content of Success Toaster. These steps are really uncomfortable steps. This is not going to be some water content like just be yourself and the the girls will come or just be nice and wait. I been into this thing from a long time and here’s my experience

1. Love Yourself:
Now many guys want girls just because they think they are incomplete & unhappy. How can you expect some girl to love you unconditionally when you can’t love yourself. I have seen guys who try to be completely different person when they are with a girl. Look mate she is not going to love you unless until you are comfortable in your own skin. Last year I read The 7 habits of highly effective people by Steven Convey. The author mentions three kind of relationships. The first one is Co-Dependent where girl and boy are totally dependent on each other. 95% of relationships dwell here and it is the most toxic one. The second one is Independent where girl and boy think that they are complete within themselves and do not need each other to feel complete. Now the third one is Inter-Dependent which is the best one and rarest. In this kind boy and girl are complete in themselves but they can reach next level of happiness if they are together. Your girlfriend should be like whipped cream on already awesome ice cream.

2. Learn Social Dynamics:
Now people gonna say you that just wait for the right girl in your life and all that shit. But dude just imagine that right girl has already stepped in your life and you never knew. Or you knew it but you really suck at texting or even talking your feelings to her. By learning social dynamics you become an alpha. You need to learn how to attract girls. This is one of the most important and underrated skill. You provide value to the society if you yourself are higher value. We at Success Toaster teach Social Dynamics. You can comment below if you want to learn.

3. Reach Abundance:
Reach a level where you have lot of girls to choose from. You should reach certain level of attraction, intelligence and mindset where you become already chosen guy by girls. Now most hot girls already have lot of guys approaching them. And without reaching abundance you can have 3-5 girls you can hangout with. Tell me, do you think you can find a perfect girl out of these 5? Chances are very less. Just look into yourself are you living in abundance?

4. Pick the Girl You Want:
Now you should have alot of girls whom you hangout with. You need to choose with which one you resonate the most. Now you may have very hot girls but are they compatible with you? Choose wisely. Your girl should be like you both can have really good time together. Understanding each other, chilling out together,etc.

Listen dude, if you are not going to go out and talk to people no miracle is going to happen. So just get out and live your life. I took this decision and my life changed. If you want to learn anything related to dating just comment below or message me.

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