How to Never get “Friend-Zoned”

Hey everyone, this is Antonio and welcome to some dating content of Success Toaster. If you have ever been friend-zoned or fearing one and want to do delete this word totally from your life, then this article is real game changer.

Why friendzoned:

1. Lack male polarity.

2. Jealous of other cool guys ( yes she can feel that).

3. Not higher valued guy.

Following is the steps by step guide to overcome this shit:

1. Lack male polarity:
Boy is way too nice. Girls will indicate this by saying you are nice, you will definitely get someone deserving. Overcome: Just be unpredictable, look everybody is like a rollercoaster but metro runs straight. Is there any adventure to travel in metro?….. Girls need wide variety of emotions, if you are happy have fun, if you are sad share, if you feel excited go out…. don’t always try to make her happy. Actually you are spoiling everything.

2. Jealous of other guys:
Girls test alot, they talk about other guys and friendzoned guy try to prove himself over other guys but eventually you are trapped. Overcome: Do reverse. Instead praise other guy from the core of heart. This will prove you don’t care and actually you shouldn’t. Instead bring other girl from common friend circle and start talking about her crazy facts. This will make her feel competitive.

3. Not a higher valued guy:
Not being real. Always less confident. Trying to impress. Insecure about her. Overcome: Be a real funny guy follow your heart and don’t try to impress any girl. Just be real, speak whatever you feel like. Don’t be one girl centered. Make new friends. And infact do following 3 things:

a. Go to the girl and say openly :
“Let’s be friends”.
Yup you should be first to say so. Hence you have planned the idea of you friendzoned her and she is not hot enough anymore.

b. Freeze out:
Don’t call, don’t talk if she text you. Give one liner for a week. Live the words that you have friendzoned her.

c. Make Jealous:
Yes girls do have lot on boys. Go out, talk to other girls, go to parties and clubs, make more friends and actually enjoy, live it and make abundance.

Always & always: Come from mindset of abundance, not scarcity!!!

Make life more beautiful everyday. There are lot of hot girls out there waiting for high valued guys like you.

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