Make Jaw Dropping First Impression on Girl

Yo wassup guys, welcome to Success Toaster for some dating advice. I am going to tell 7 points to make Jaw Dropping First Impression. Now these are not your regular points but some real truths. Through my time in dating and teaching people I have came to jotting down the content in these points. So here we go

Let Go Perfectionism. Now imagine my friend, you are in a party where you are surrounded by all the stars and all the rich people. And you see your star crush let say Margot Robbie. I ask you to approach her. And suddenly you meet a Genie and he can fulfill one of your wish so that your crush accept you. What would you ask for? Richest man?Most handsome guy? Certainly not. You yourself is unique. Don’t try to be someone else. You need to be comfortable in your own skin. Look mate, girls can sense that you are not being honest with your individuality. So just be confident in yourself.

Pre selection. Take advantage of social proof. Hangout with your female friends. Post pictures with them. This will create proof to the girl that this person is already preselected by lot of girls and he is enjoying his life.

Play to Win. Do not play not to lose. Be confident because girl can sense that you are too hesitant and you are fearing rejections. Look this dating thing is all about rejections. So be prepared to be rejected lot of times. Just enjoy the process. What if she rejects you. You have millions to choose from. If you are not playing to win you are already in scarcity. Females can sense that. You might have seen many dumb and narcissist always having girls. The reason is because they do not fear rejections. Be Douchebag.

Square up. Your body language matters a lot. Do not stand like you are just about to go. Stand like you came here to win. Like you are feeling the force from the ground and you are pushing it with your feet. Your sub communication is the key to your confidence. Make good use of hand gestures. Hold your ground man. You are already great.

Eye Contact. One of the key things to make jaw dropping impression. Most of the people nowadays cannot hold eye contact. Do not look towards hand when handshake. Look into the eye. Just look like you are trying to see through her eye. Use eye gestures. I learnt lot of eye gestures from Damon of Vampire Diaries. You can learn too.

Vocal Projections. Now you need to be loud and clear. Talk like you are talking through the person. The girl will not be interested in you if she has to invest in listening what you are trying to say. Use tonality. You need to learn to change your tone while depicting certain type of emotions. We at Success Toaster help people to learn Vocal Tonality. Comment below if you want to learn.

Opportunity. It’s about opportunity, not about content. You can read lot of blogs on dating advice but they won’t work unless until you go out. You need feel what it is like being rejected, being holding the ground, using eye gestures, eye contact and all this stuff. Do not miss out opportunities.

Look bro, time is running out. Get off your couch and make your life worth living. So that when you are in your fifties and you look back you can say Wow what a ride. Life is all about adventures.

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