Being The Coolest Person in the room!!

Yo wassup guys, welcome back to Success Toaster. This is going to be Personal Development post and on one of the most discussed yet misunderstood by most. How to be cool. People get attracted to cool people because they are the heart of parties, discussions and events. So we will look into three important points that will help you to be cool. Here we go

Find your ‘THANG’. Be yourself. Now what most people does they try to follow cool people. They try to copy there style, there dressing sense, and even there choices related to music and food. Dude how can you say that your favorite singer is Bruno Mars because girls like him and you haven’t heard a single song of Bruno Mars. If you like Coldplay just say it. I have lot of people saying they like Sushi in front of there friends. Bro, do you even know how Sushi looks like? Crazy people. Just say what you like. Just be yourself. Because it’s you. Your probability of being born was fourteen less then you dying of being struct by lightening. So please love yourself. Be comfortable in your in your own skin. But that doesn’t mean you act foolishly in different situations. So here we move to our second point which is

Express in a Calibrated Way. You should be aware about the fact that your choice of anything will not play in every situation. Lets understand with an example. You go to a party. Everyone wants to chill. Nobody want to listen your favorite song Call out my name by The Weeknd  at party.It’s a sad song dude. Suppose everyone is planning a trip to mountains and suddenly you say you want to go to a desert just because your favorite animal is camel. Will they really like you? What am trying to say is your opinion matters lot more. But there are situations when you need to calibrate yourself to say what you want to say.

Learn to handle Social Pressure. Remember More Cooler the person is More Social Pressure he has to face. People are going to judge you alot because you are the center of attention of the crowd. You are leading the tribe. So any mistake done by the tribe will attract people’s towards you and they are going to point fingers towards you. They will comment about you. Some people may even start disliking you out of jealousy. Even your closest friends. But you need to learn how not to loose your confidence in those situations. There opinion shouldn’t matter to you yet it should matter to you. By this I mean you should know what mistakes you have committed yet you should not let down yourself. So learn to be cool even in social pressure


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