How to practice Dating at Home

Yo wassup guys, welcome to Success Toaster for dating advice. I have seen many people really suck when it comes to long conversations. Some of them even hesitate alot when it comes to speaking there hearts out. And what’s the end result? Being friendzoned. So here I am going to tell you three exercises which you can practice at home or at any place. So let’s start

“Yes and….”. In this exercise when someone is saying you something you say “yes” which means I agree with you “and” which means here is my piece of belief. Example. Someone says “Tom is good with girls”. You say “Yes and he also does lot of charity work“. You can practice this exercise even in front of laptop. Someone is saying some dialogue in a program, you pause it and say “Yes and (here’s my view)“. This will help you alot when you run out of words while talking to a girl. Also this exercise will also help you in group discussions or some important meetings and in daily life. Practice it everywhere you go. Now the most important thing is you should not think ahead. Do not prepare. The motive of this exercise is to practice your brain to act to sudden stimuli and have wide variety of things to say. What’s the use if you are thinking ahead of conversation. Trust your brain.

Push/Pull. Now the purpose of this exercise is to say something positive and then negative. Positive negative and so on. Women do not like men who are too nice and easy to get. It’s when you emotionally push woman away from you and then emotionally pull her back. In this way you will leave woman no choice but to feel attracted to you. Now how can you practice this at home. While talking to anyone you can use Push/Pull. Or just turn on the TV and use Push/Pull on the first person you see on TV. Example. You saw Oprah. You can say “Oprah is really good speaker but she isn’t doing good job from past few years“. Practice it so much at home that it comes out naturally in field. It will help you everywhere you go.

“Dating with me is like…” Now the purpose of this exercise is to create higher value of yourself. You do not need to say this exactly in field but it will change your mindset. It will save you from getting friendzoned. How to do it? Say “Dating with is like ‘(an object)’ ‘(the feeling)’. Example. “Dating with me is like roller coaster, up and down up and down”, “Dating with me is like a car, way too fast and adventurous”. Practice this lot of times.

These exercises will help you alot when you are on an actual date. You are training your instincts. You are training your head. Be truly natural when it comes to dating. But most people reading this will just learn the theory and will never go out. How can you learn football without actually playing it. So don’t be lazy. Go out. Life is beautiful.

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