6 Morning Habits that will change your Life

Yo wassup guys, welcome to Success Toaster. I am going to tell you six things that I do in the morning that has completely changed my life. I was not a morning guy to be frank and used to wake up at 10 am. But I read a book name The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod last year. And it transformed me alot. I would recommend you to wake up before 6 am to practice these habits. So without more introduction lets start

Meditation. I would recommend that as you wake up drink a glass of water, wash your face and start meditating. Now most of you don’t know how to do it. Simplest form of meditation is that you turn off your notifications and sit still or just lay down. Take long breathes and concentrate on them or just count them. The basic goal of meditation is to divert your brain from the daily life, so that you can build a thought in your sub conscious that you can control your thoughts whenever you want. You may not see the effects of meditation immediately. But it would change the default state of your mind. We at Success Toaster teach various types of meditations. You can comment below if you need any help.

Affirmations. What are affirmations? Affirmations are sentences aimed to affect the conscious and the subconscious mind. The words composing the affirmation, automatically and involuntarily, bring up related mental images into the mind, which could inspire, energize and motivate. I recommend you to write your affirmations on a paper and stick to the wall so that you can read it whenever you want. Write your short term and long term goals. It can be as small as eating healthy to big one like owning a BMW.

Visualization. One who sees before hand has lot of chances of winning than others. To perform this habit. Sit down and close your eyes. Imagine yourself with the achieved goal. Example. You want to loose weight. Imagine yourself with six pack abs and the hard work you did to achieve the goal. Give least 5 minutes to this habit. There are no immediate results but you’ll see how you are performing all your work relentlessly.

Exercise. Do at least 20 minute workout in the morning. As your body performs motion, your brain starts to work tirelessly. Also you all know the health benefits of exercise. Do it regularly without failure. You can do running. I know a person who is handicapped with legs and still he exercise daily. I don’t want any excuse from your side.

Reading. Read atleast 20 minutes some self help book in the morning. Your mind is fresh and is open to new values or to replace some of your values with the better ones. I would suggest you to read purposefully. Analyze yourself. Write down the habits you want to change or the things you want to learn. Buy the book. And start reading every morning without skipping a single day.

Journal. Write down the things you learnt yesterday and the things you did. It will help you to focus on things that you did unknowingly and wasted your time. Eliminate them. Also make To Do list for the day and write the priorities of the works that need to be done. Write each thing. It will help you to stay focused on goal.

I would recommend you to do all these things without failure. Even if you don’t have time on some day, do these activities for at least 1 minute each. You will experience long term benefits of these habits. These habits will change your mindset and will bring positivity to your life.

All the above article is inspired from the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I suggest you to read this book. It is one of the most practical books I have ever read. Hope you enjoyed. Like, Share and comment your thoughts. Do Follow Success Toaster so that you never miss out any article.


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