Crucial Conversations in Life

Yo wassup guys, welcome to Success Toaster. In life we generally fail to express our views or fail to persuade anyone when there is something important. So this article is based on How to have Crucial conversation with your parents, boss or anyone. Lets begin

Take an example of Jim. Jim’s family has a grocery shop. His family is forcing him to adopt grocery shop as a career. But Jim wants to be consultant. He wants to say this to his parents but he fears there rejection. This is an example of Crucial Conversation. In Crucial Conversation

  1. Stakes are high. Jim’s future depend on this. His family’s future too depend on this and even the coming generations. Even the people they serve by the grocery business depend on Jim’s decision.
  2. Opinions Vary. Now Jim’s opinion is positive about the consultancy business. But the opinion of his parents is totally different.
  3. Emotions are high. As lot of things depend on this decision emotions are certainly high.

95% of people in the world fail to have these type of conversations properly. According to the census 1 million people die in hospitals of United States due to lack of conversation between doctors and nurses. There are four reasons of failure.

  1. Biological. Your hormones are the reason. Example. You are in fight. You have adrenaline rush and either you start hitting the other person thoughtlessly or start running away.
  2. Things are sudden. Example. You just got your result and you panic due to low marks and you just not able to think what to do.
  3. Do not improve. Most of the times we do not look what we did wrong in the past and do not improve due to our ego.
  4. We speak thoughtlessly. Though we should speak a lot but sometimes we do not think if we are conveying are thoughts properly. Or the person listening is able to get our message.

There is immediate need to avoid such kind of failures as they can lead to disasters in your life. Following are the cures.

  1. Power of dialogue. Most of the times during an argument we say things in a sarcastic way or start blaming the person. Now we need to check the flow of relevant information. Both parties need to see that during there argument important points should be prioritized accordingly.
  2. The Pull of shared meaning. Imagine a pond and throw the relevant information into the pond and check it does not get polluted. Positives should be high.

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Most of the times during Crucial Conversations we start arguing and we divert from our goal and set new goals such as to win the argument, make fool of the person,etc. During such things just look in to these points

  1. Result. What will be thr result of the argument. Are you reaching your primary goal?
  2. What do you want from them? Just ask yourself what do you want from the person you are arguing and is this conversation leading to that output.
  3. Relation. What kind of relation do you want with the person after the argument. Are you happy with it?
  4. Are you doing this just for winning? Ask yourself whats your goal and if you are arguing just for winning or reaching your goal.

I hope this article helps you during important conversations in life.

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