Saving Money or Missing out Opportunities?

We are not the highest version of ourselves which we can imagine. We are the lowest version of ourselves which we can accept!!

Yo wassup guys, welcome to Success Toaster. Here we will talk if you are saving money or just missing out opportunities.

I have seen people saving money when they are younger. It’s good habit. But what is not good that they kill the opportunities to have different experiences in order to save money. You do not save money when you are younger, you invest it on yourself. You need to take risks now and stop playing safe. Some people try to learn everything from the experiences of others. You need to know that 50% of your learning comes from your own experience.

Sometimes you need to jump in to the pool before you are ready!!

Do not forget to play smart. Take the fucking hit. You do not make money by saving them. You make money by spending them. Take the example of Elon Musk. He sold his apartment to build the 4th rocket after three failures. He earned 1.5 billion dollars after the 4th rocket’s success.

You can never be ready, because you are always more ready!

What will you get from saving money. Can you eat it? Can you fuck it? Dude it is just a metal that gets you the fucking experience. Okay just think the worst case scenario if you fail. Are you gonna die? Are you gonna have cancer or HIV? You just go home if you fail. Seriously nothing worse than that. If there’s ceiling of success than there is floor too. Is failure worth it? Ofcourse YES. You must have heard the story of burning the boats. There was a king who was in war with the another one on different island whose army was a lot bigger than his. They had no chances of winning. But the king was determined to win the battle. The king and his army sailed to the enemy’s island by boats. After reaching the island he ordered to burn the boats so that no one could run away. They had no option other than to win. And guess what? They actually won the battle. The moral is Stop Playing it Safe!!

Not taking action = Failure

I have been coaching people in dating industry. People are so afraid to say Hi. Or they are afraid that some guy would beat them up. That’s rare rare chance.

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Just imagine you have thousands of awesome experiences and someday some guy would beat the shit out of you. Is it still worth it? I am in. What about you? Do you want a calculated life or unpredictable life? Failures are awesome. They add to the story. Stop viewing your life from same fucking angle all the time. You can’t think of different angle sitting at home and win it. Go out and embrace the pain.

By taking risks you get the experience and the story to add to the glory of the movie that is your life!!

Imagine someone is watching that movie, the movie of your life. Will he love it? Why not make it an Oscar winning movie?

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