Art of Persuasion: The Power of Scarcity!!

Hello everyone, welcome to success toaster. Let’s have a look how Scarcity can controls our brains and how can it play a catalyst in our path to desired state.

After surviving thousands of years humans have made shortcuts to make decisions in order to save time and avoid in indecision state, these shortcuts are called triggers. So based on these triggers we take our day to day actions but not on facts or logical levels. This all happens on subconscious level.

The most important such trigger is scarcity. We have seen many times that when a book is banned, then sales of that book increases instead of the decreasing. Experts generally say “Any type of publicity is helps”. Actually “ban” word is a trigger word for people. Precious things go to auctions for example a coin 300 years old unique piece in the world go to auction in million dollars. Why? Have u ever wonder. I have heard even undergarments go to auction because the are unique pieces. People find trigger in “unique” word.

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Self help Coaches give advice no to be always available to people this lowers the value. Companies use scarcity and launch limited addition products. Scarcity is used to make quick sales as well as rise prices.

It’s in our dna now. Yes it’s reason come from thousand years back humans lived in forests, the things which were needed to survive were less. Hunting needs skills with no guns. So we started giving importance to scarce things and it exists in us now and even at more scale. It’s a law now. I hope it helps you to take decisions without being influenced and develop new ways to take action in your business and day to day life.

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