Boost your Social Value

Hey everyone, this is Antonio from Success Toaster and welcome to some personal development content.

When you think about Gentleman, what do you think, a person cool like James Bond having a cool weapon or a stud who lie always to get to date or a nice guy who is always ready for a girl and says yes to everything.

Look being a 10 for a girl is obvious, but for a men it is not, we need to work hard to get up to the mark.

It is less about having and more about developing.

Following are the things which you should focus to boost social value:

1. True self confidence

No not the “I am gonna win” nor the opposite. True self confidence is “I will try and work hard, Win or lose will both be my gain.” For example go and approach the girl you. Say ‘hi‘. Give your best. What is worst? A simple ‘no‘?

2. Entitlement:

No one is ready. Just do not wait. Actually you will never feel entitlement. Nobody can be damn confident about anything. Now is the best time.

3. Knowing what you want

Decide what you want like, what type of friends you like, what kind of songs, job , business. And start to work on it consistently no matter what stops you. Like you like songs of MJ and your crush don’t like him….Just do not change…Like a low esteemed person, stick to it.

4. Personal Boundaries

Make your personal boundaries. You need to tell ‘no‘, to people if they coming in your way. No matter if she is your girlfriend. You need to respect yourself above all.

5. Take action

Be a man of action. Do it. Don’t just make theories. Decide what to do and go for it. Win or lose both ways you will gain. Do it consistently. It will make you a warrior in everyday life. Like you decide to create a YouTube channel, do research have a good content, and do it without expecting anything before 60 videos. Give your best learn each day to deliver best.

This world is yours to take as a man

Have fun, be carefree and passionate. Live life of a warrior. Like, Share and comment your views. Follow Success Toaster for personal development and dating advice.

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